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Security Beyond Brexit

20 December 2017
Security Beyond Brexit

Moving to the second stage of the Brexit talks, issues of trade and security will undoubtedly be of paramount importance. The Bulgarian Presidency should develop a flexible approach to dealing with overcrowded threats. A clear focus on the future was expressed, mainly affecting the security point. These were one of the main points discussed during the conference "Beyond Brexit - The Future UK-EU Security Cooperation" on December 20.
The discussion was opened by the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. Mr. Borisov pointed out the well-established trust within the union as a very important factor for the development of future relations. Bulgaria's lasting ties with the UK on the level of human rights and law enforcement bodies should be carefully maintained. Foreground also highlighted the theme of the Western Balkans as key to the future of the EU, taking into account the struggle for the influence of large global players. The Prime Minister described himself as optimistic about the security issue, believing that the common sense of both sides would prevail.
Closer inter-institutional cooperation will be of particular importance in view of the increasingly complex situation on the European continent, says Europol Director Rob Wainwright. Threats to the ordinary citizen, governments, businesses are growing, and the improvement of criminal channels, including cyberspace, creates new causes for concern. The rise in organized crime, smuggling of migrants, drug trafficking, etc. are an expression of the transnational nature of the problem. The need for cross-border cooperation is crucial in supporting national governments.
Ian Cruxton and Alex Ellis also pointed to the adaptability to the new reality as a particularly important quality for addressing security issues. Above all, the origin and type of threats, as well as their ability to change quickly, must be taken into account. Mr. Ellis stressed that the UK has a lot to contribute in terms of its international position, experience and innovation in the field. It will provide its unconditional support to the EU. The establishment of a strategic unit based on an agreement, part of a new strategic framework, is necessary. We have to be prepared for a lack of agreement after Breckit, but that is not the main purpose. Mutual effective actions, reflecting current momentum, by facilitating information flow and exchange of experience, are the formula for shared future success.