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About us


PanEuropa Bulgaria represents the values and principles of the International Paneuropean Union, encouraging peace, human rights, and promoting the idea of European integration. It aims to contribute to the development and validation of the concept of civil society, to mediate the creation of a community of like-minded people who want to work in a united, free and democratic Europe.

The organization aims to create forums to discuss the possible ways that would lead to a united and politically strong Europe. PanEurope believes that, in a world of challenges, only through solidarity and understanding between nations can Europe guarantee itself an optimistic future.

With regards to this, the organization also works for the establishment of closer bonds between Bulgaria and the states from the European family. In order to fulfill this objective, PanEurope Bulgaria gets into contact and creates long-lasting connections with various institutions and actors from the governmental and non-governmental sector from all European countries. In the pursuit of its aim to become an active participant in public debates, PanEurope organizes conferences, symposiums, seminars and exhibitions on topics that are closely related to its subject matter.

In addition, PanEurope Bulgaria aspires to spread the idea of European solidarity among young people. It recognizes the necessity of raising open-minded and independent people in the spirit of European ideals so that they would form the future cultural and political elite of the Bulgarian nation as a worthy member of the European family.

PanEurope Bulgaria is also aware that the integration of  Central and Eastern European states is vitally important for a politically strong and stable Europe and pays attention to the dialogue between Brussels and the candidate states.