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Тhe Atlantic Club of Bulgaria

Based on its 20 years of experience in promoting Atlantic values and Euro-Atlantic cohesion, ACB's new mission is to involve the youth in transforming the Alliance into the global security actor in 21st Century and to support and promote the relationship between NATO, the EU, Russia and China as well as to reach out to Africa and Latin America. Keeping its profile as visionary think-tank, ACB has also recently launched a program to contribute to developing foundations for space law. ACB is an active proponent of Bulgaria’s inclusion into the OECD, as well as being a proponent of the creation of a common European Defense policy and Anti-Missile Defense Shield in Europe.

Open Society Institute – Sofia

The Open Society Institute is a non-governmental organisation for public benefit. The Institute's activity aims to encourage, develop and support the values, outlook and practise of an open society in Bulgaria, to support democratisation in all areas of socio-political life in the process of constructing the structures and mechanisms of civil society and to support Bulgaria's integration in the European Union and regional cooperation.

Konrad-Adenauer Foundation

The Konrad-Adenauer Foundation is an international organisation with over 70 offices and projects in 120 countries, which works to encourage democracy, the rule of law, social market economy and continuous international dialogue, as well as exchanges between people of different cultures and faiths.

International Visegrad Fund

The mission of the International Visegrad Fund is to promote the development of closer cooperation among the Visegrad Group (V4) countries—the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia—and to strengthen the ties among people in the region. The Fund provides funding for common cultural, scientific, research and educational projects, youth exchanges, promotion of tourism and cross-border cooperation. Most of the grant recipients are nongovernmental organizations, municipalities and local governments, universities, schools and other public institutions and also individual citizens. The Fund also awards individual scholarships and artist residencies.

M3 Communications Group, Inc.

M3 Communications Group, Inc. is a leading Bulgarian PR agency and a proven leader in the field of Public Relations & Public Affairs. M3 is an ass ociate of the largest PR corporation in the world Hill&Knowlton. The company has vast experience in the digital PR and also has opened the first licensed college for Marketing, Public Relations and Business Communications in Bulgaria - M3 College. More than 5 200 projects were developed during the 15 years for over 185 clients.

Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria

Since 1 January 2007, the day of Bulgaria's accession in the EU, the Delegation of the EC was transformed into a Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria.

The main task of the Representation is to assist the communication between Bulgaria and the European Commission, to provide information on the work, aims, programmes and projects implemented by the European Commission to the Bulgarian society and media, to inform the European Commission about the processes and events in Bulgaria and to maintain relations with the media.

Information Office of the European Parliament in Bulgaria

The European Parliament has information offices in the capitals of all Member States of European Union. The Information Office was established in order to provide information about the role of the European Parliament, and the European Union in general, to the citizens, media, non-governmental and other organisations, state and municipality administrations.

The priorities in the work of the Office include the facilitation of communication between the citizens and the Members of European Parliament, organisation of public events and civil forums, maintaining relations with the media, facilitating visits of the European Parliament delegations in Bulgaria and the Parliament's work concerning young persons.


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