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Germany's Presidency of the EU and where Bulgaria stands

Open Letter to the EU institutions regarding soil degradation

Open Letter regarding EU Initiative on reducing redundant TV remote controls

The one-for-all TV remote control

PanEuropa Bulgaria Position regarding the EU Trio Presidency - Estonia, Bulgaria, Austria

Program "Europe Back On Track", 5th of June, 2017

9th of May – Europe Day of peace and unity Address by Pan Europe Bulgaria

Transatlantic Relations at a Crossroads, 10 May 2017

Quo vadis Europe: Globalism vs. Populism” , 25th April 2017

Pan-Europa, the Balkans and Bulgaria, Rumyana Koneva

The Treaty of Rome at 60 and the future of the European Union: Views from Pan Europe Bulgaria

A Better Europe for All, Speech of the British Ambassador H.E. Emma Hopkins at the Conference "The Future of the UK in the EU", 9 February 2016, Sofia

Speech of H.E. Thomas van Oorschot at the public discussion "Where Does Europe Go: The EU Dutch Presidency 2016", 7 January 2016, Sofia

“Refugees and Europe: 2015-2030”, Lectio Magistralis by Franco Frattini at the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, 18 November 2015, Sofia

Joint Declaration of PanEuropa Bulgaria and PEU Macedonia on resolving bilateral issues

Address of the President of the Republic of Macedonia H.E. Dr. Gjorge Ivanov, at the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, 7 October 2015, Sofia

Financial Report of PanEuropa for 2015 (in Bulgarian)

Financial Report of PanEuropa for 2014 (in Bulgarian)

- EU, GSM and US or how to keep your hands-free without draining your batteries down,Gergana Passy and Solomon Passy, 21 June 2011

- EU – Wi-Fi Paradise! Open letter to the European Comission regarding acces to Internet on EU territory - the Fifth Freedom and Fundamental Human Right, Gergana Passy and Solomon Passy, 29 May 2008

Telemedicine Project Description